Rebates  Select Bryant Rebates are back now through June 30th receive up to a $1000.00 instant rebate on select items.

PECO rebates up to …………………………….… $400.00 for a heat pump and up to $600.00 for a new 97% gas furnace and 17 SEER air conditioner  See www.peco.com/smartideas

This means you could have up to $1,400.00 or more of your system paid for in rebates. Plus the money you will be saving on one of the highest efficiency systems on the market today, the Bryant Hybrid Heat System.


Please call our office for more information to know how much you can save.

We have added The Burnham boiler Co. to our choice of boilers.  The company is based right here in Philadelphia and has been an excellent addition to our line of oil and gas boilers.


If you are interested in a super high efficiency gas boiler the Burnham Alpine boiler will give you a 97 % efficency rating compared to 80% on most conventional boilers and add a Burnham indirect water heater and you will not only get unlimited hot water but enjoy tremendous savings on making hot water.

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Seasonal Reminders

Winter is now upon us . If you haven't had your heating system serviced you may be throwing money out the window. A dirty filter an improperly working system can cost you a great deal of money. So give us a call to make sure your system is working at its peek proformance. We can also evaluate your equipent to see if a new high efficiency system would be in your best interest. With PECO rebates the time to save is NOW, mention you saw this reminder and recieve an extra $200.00 in savings toward a new system.

Did you know a running toilet or a leaky faucet can waste 10 to 20 gallons or more a day. We can take care of those leaky faucets and running toilets.

Did you lose power during and after a storm last winter and this summer many people lost power for days even as long as a week. We install high quality Generac and Honeywell gas powered backup generators. They are powered by natural gas or Propane. Give our office a call for a free quote.

Did you know that we service and install Sump pumps and Sewage Pumps? Be prepared for the rain!

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